A trademark is a word, phrase, symbol or design, or combination thereof, that is used in connection with a particular product so that the consuming public can identify and distinguish the source of the particular product in the marketplace. A service mark is closely related, except that it serves to identify and distinguish the source of services rather than products.

A trademark is often referred to as a source indicator and people tend to associate Trademarks with the branding of their product. Trademarks are essential because consumers use them to identify the source of a particular product or service, and, associate the goodwill and reputation of the source with the particular product or service. Trademarks can become very valuable over time, and can be the most valuable asset of a business.

The KIRSCH LAW FIRM is dedicated to helping you identify, register and protect your trademarks domestically and abroad. It is our belief that to be successful in building a trademark portfolio you must plan ahead and anticipate. We help you plan and schedule the growth of your portfolio to meet your business goals.

In registering your trademarks, The KIRSCH LAW FIRM believes that the process should be straightforward and transparent. For domestic registrations we charge reasonable flat fees for most services. For foreign registrations, we have strategic alliances with foreign counsel who can assist you in protecting your trademark rights abroad.

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