Are you buying or selling a business, or a portion of a business? Regardless of how big or small the business may be, it is important that it is done correctly. Oftentimes, small business owners make the mistake of downplaying the importance of adhering to formalities when buying or selling their business, or portions thereof, because they think their business is too small, or because they are dealing with friends.

The attorneys at the KIRSCH LAW FIRM take the position that ALL TRANSACTIONS should be given the respect they deserve and should be treated with the same formalities associated with larger transactions. The simple tautology "A problem is only a problem when it's a PROBLEM" embodies our reasoning. The unfortunate reality is that problems arise in business transactions; however, if the proper formalities are adhered to, even in small transactions, many of the problems never occur or if they do, they go away much easier.

Many business transactions in south Florida are conducted with a handshake and a "gentleman's agreement" and then the parties are left going to court to resolve disputes because their agreements were not memorialized in writing beforehand. Remember, memories fade MUCH FASTER than ink.

The attorneys at the KIRSCH LAW FIRM have assisted many business owners in the purchase and sale of their businesses. It is also extremely important to have the proper Intellectual Property Transfer Documents in place when buying or selling a business.

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