The KIRSCH LAW FIRM was founded with one goal in mind: Provide EXCEPTIONAL RESULTS in a FAIR and PROFESSIONAL manner.

The KIRSCH LAW FIRM understands that in order to best serve its Clients, at times, it may be beneficial to seek the services of outside counsel, at the KIRSCH LAW FIRM, we refer to these arrangements as STRATEGIC ALLIANCES. The KIRSCH LAW FIRM has formed STRATEGIC ALLIANCES with practitioners in virtually all areas of law with a wealth of knowledge gained through years of experience in that area of law. By forming such STRATEGIC ALLIANCES, the KIRSCH LAW FIRM effectively has the resources to deliver similar results as the "BIG LAW" firms, without the exorbitant overhead costs that are ultimately passed on to the Client.

It is our philosophy at the KIRSCH LAW FIRM that the Client is best served by having access to the network of attorneys that we trust and with whom we regularly collaborate. Hence the value of the STRATEGIC ALLIANCE: it allows a Client to be best served by a qualified attorney without having the Client spend valuable time going through the attorney vetting process on their own.

It is with great honor that the KIRSCH LAW FIRM accepts being considered a beacon of knowledge and counsel in the lives of our Clients.