Are you allowing others to use or sell your brand, product, or creative work? Were you hired to create work for others? Do you know what rights you have or have given up in your creative work?

In today’s market many people are buying or selling real property for a variety of reasons. Many people got out of the real estate market and have decided that now is the time to get back in. Regardless of the reason one thing is certain, AN ATTORNEY SHOULD BE INVOLVED IN THE TRANSACTION.

The transfer of rights or granting of permission to use or sell certain creative works are most likely governed by a document known as a Licensing Agreement or an Assignment of rights. Many people overlook the formalities that should be adhered to when allowing others to use or sell their brand, invention, or other creation.

Oftentimes, there is a fundamental misunderstanding of whom the party is that actually owns the rights to certain intellectual property and without the proper documentation, the parties operate under the fallacy of ownership until a problem arises and it is too late to easily correct.

The KIRSCH LAW FIRM strongly recommends that a clearly drafted document that memorializes the understandings between all parties involved is used each time an owner allows a third party to use or sell the owner's intellectual property or engages the assistance of a third party in the creation of the owner's intellectual property. The KIRSCH LAW FIRM has experience in drafting work for hire agreements, licensing agreement, assignment agreements as well as custom hybrid documents that address the specific needs of a particular client and their unique situation.

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