Are you starting a business? Are you "taking the next step" and incorporating your sole proprietorship?

There are essentially two reasons why businesses incorporate or organize themselves into LLC's: (1) tax advantages and (2) to protect the owners/directors/managers from personal liability. In south Florida all too many times, businesses are formed by friends or family members with a handshake and little more.

These types of businesses typically run smoothly until they begin to grow and make money and that is when memories fade and misunderstandings arise. Without having the proper formation papers in place, the parties, who were once friends or close family members, are left with resorting to the courts to resolve disputes that have arisen from issues that could have been addressed when the business was formed, but were not.

It is the position of the KIRSCH LAW FIRM that the best approach is to memorialize agreements and understandings FROM THE BEGINNING so as to avoid having to resort to the courts because a party's memory has faded. Memories fade MUCH FASTER than ink.

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