Are you drowning in debt? Are you unable to pay your mortgage? Do you owe more than your property is worth? Have you been sued by your mortgage company?

As a consequence of the recent financial crisis that has stricken the United States and south Florida in particular, many people have found themselves in situations where what they once thought was their greatest asset, their house, has become their greatest liability and the source of their greatest sense of stress and worry.

The possibility of losing one's house is daunting and MUST BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY; unfortunately, many people are taking the "ostrich defense" approach and burying their head in the ground and hoping it will all go away. IT WILL NOT GO AWAY IF YOU DO NOTHING!

Florida has many pro-consumer laws in place to ensure that mortgage companies follow the proper procedures when attempting to foreclose on a property. KNOWNG YOUR RIGHTS IS ESSENTIAL. The KIRSCH LAW FIRM has defended homeowners throughout the state of Florida assisting them towards resolutions so that they can MOVE ON WITH THEIR LIVES AND GET THEIR LIVES BACK.

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