Are you an artist, author, musician, photographer, or filmmaker? Have you created a piece of art of any kind? Have you fully secured your rights? Do you need to fully memorialize your Copyright?

One of the most often cited misunderstandings of Copyright Law involves self-mailing a letter to oneself in order to create a Copyright that will serve as the "silver bullet" in any future Copyright litigation and definitively establish an authors rights. This simply is not true and only wastes postage and FAILS TO PROTECT your intellectual property.

A Copyright is a right that protects the artistic expression of an idea once that artistic expression is affixed to a tangible medium. Commonly recognized works which are subject to copyright protection include literary works, visual art, photography, software programs, sculpture, music, sound recordings, dramatic works, choreography, motion pictures, architectural designs and audio visual works. The rights associated with a copyright includes the right to control 1) reproduction of the work, 2) preparation of derivative works, 3) distribution of copies of the work, 4) public performances of the work and 5) public display of the work.

Although a common law copyright is established once the artistic expression is affixed to a tangible medium, the author cannot enforce its rights unless there is a Statutory Copyright filed with the United States Copyright Office. There are certain statutory rights available to authors that require that the Statutory Copyright Application is filed with the United States Copyright Office within a specific period after publication, for this reason the KIRSCH LAW FIRM strongly recommends that Statutory Copyright protection is sought as earlier as possible.

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