Sometimes disputes cannot be resolved amicably. Frequently you only realize this fact, after being served with a law suit. For most people, being a party to a Civil Litigation Matter is not a pleasant experience; luckily for you, that it is why lawyers exist.

It is important to realize that only one party chooses to be in litigation, the Plaintiff (the party that is bringing the law suit). The Defendant NEVER chooses to be a Defendant, it happens as a result of the Plaintiff CHOOSING to bring a lawsuit. Regardless of how or why you find yourself in a lawsuit one thing is almost certain: VERY BAD THINGS WILL LIKELY HAPPEN IF YOU IGNORE IT.

As simple and self evident as this sounds, many people do just that, they IGNORE it and hope that it will go away. It will not.

If you have been served with a lawsuit, you have a limited time to take the appropriate actions to defend yourself.

The attorneys at the KIRSCH LAW FIRM have defended individuals and corporate defendants in Civil Litigation Matters throughout the state of Florida in various civil matters and have assisted in the resolution of matters so that the parties can MOVE ON WITH THEIR LIVES.

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