No one ever PLANS on getting arrested while on vacation. Miami, Florida is known world-wide for its nightlife and party scene, and visitors often come to Miami to "cut loose" and "escape" the stresses they face at home. This combination often results in an unscheduled trip to the County jail and unplanned legal issues that must be addressed.

Out of state visitors must either appear in court themselves or obtain legal representation to represent them at future court dates, failure to do either of these will almost certainly result in the issuance of a bench warrant by the presiding judge. It is particularly important for foreigners that are arrested while on vacation to obtain legal representation because the issuance of a bench warrant can have severe immigration consequences.

The KIRSCH LAW FIRM represents those arrested while on vacation for both misdemeanor and felony charges, in Miami-Dade County as well as throughout the State of Florida.

If you have been arrested in Florida while on vacation, please contact the KIRSCH LAW FIRM.